Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guest Post on "The Eagle's Nest:" Ghostly Monte Cristo Sandwiches

My good friend Jess (no relation to the Jess featured below!) had a baby last week and asked me to pitch in on her blog. In the spirit of Halloween, I shared some delicious Monte Cristo sandwiches (think "french toast meets grilled cheese" - with some ham and turkey thrown in for good measure) cut into ghoulish ghost shapes.  Beethoven's "Ghost Trio" made for a fitting musical pairing. For the full post, head this way!

And Happy Halloween!

{Our pup, Poochini, in his costume last year}


  1. These sandwiches look really good! And our dog is adorable! :)

  2. those sandwiches look soo tasty!!! such a cute dog outfit also!

  3. this looks so delicious, but than again everything that you make look delicious. the puppy is to cute!

  4. Such a cute dog!! And those sandwiches look mighty fine too :-D

  5. Maia, I really like your addition of currant jelly to the Monte Cristo -- I've only tasted them served with maple syrup for the "sweet" on the outside -- in your version, the sweet sneaks up on you. (Great trick!) Thanks for the musical treat, too -- I left a comment for you on The Eagle's Nest blog as well. :)